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Why Our Addiction Recovery Center Can Help

Who We Are


Our drug rehab center is here for anyone and everyone who needs help beating an addiction, whether it is to illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both. At our substance abuse treatment facility you will find caring specialists and support staff who have all dedicated their careers to the care of others, essentially those who are in the throes of addiction.


Safe and Confidential Setting


We provide a safe and confidential setting for our clients to get away to when they are looking for an addiction recovery program that is right for them. Our drug rehab facility is set apart from the hustle and bustle of the life that can easily lead to abuse of drugs and alcohol. We provide confidential care in a place that every client can feel safe and secure in while they detox.


Monitored Detox


No one should every go through detox alone. Our addiction recovery center ensures that none of our clients will. Every client is personally monitored while they are dealing with their own withdrawal symptoms by professional staff. We offer continuous supervision so that no one feels like they are going through the tough part of their withdrawals on their own.


Dual Diagnosis


Something like half of our clients check into our addiction recovery facility with other problems that aren’t just about their addiction. These may include co-occurring mood or mental disorders. These concerns can easily lead to continued drug use to ease the pain of the mind, body, and spirit. Our addiction treatment center uses a dual diagnosis technique to treat each applicable individual who walks through our doors in order to develop a personal care plan for every aspect of their addiction.


One-on-One Sessions with Us


Every client will be afforded someone professional to talk with while they are in our hands. We have caring and compassionate staff on standby in all of our clinics to personally assist every client. One-on-one counseling sessions will be undertaken with the goal to help each individual develop tools for their recovery and to learn new coping skills.


Group Therapy


We strongly believe in the power of talking to others who are dealing with the same type of issues as you. While you are part of our addiction treatment facility you will be given the chance to get together with others in a safe group setting, run by a qualified counselor who will lead the group in talk and discussion. Clients will benefit from speaking openly and honestly within their community of peers.


Family Therapy


We offer family therapy sessions for any client who wishes to engage with their family during their addiction recovery. This is not mandatory and not everyone chooses to partake, but we have found that it is the first step in gaining trust and love back when addiction has destroyed relationships.


Aftercare Services


We know that a stay in our drug detox clinic is simply the first step to your new life. We can provide additional treatment on an outpatient basis for you if this is something you would like to do. We also set up our clients with local services that are proven to be beneficial in addiction recovery, such as a 12-step meeting. We just want you to know that you will always have the support and concern that you need from us, even after you are out of our drug detox program.


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Drug addiction is a rising issue of today, with more and more overdoses happening in every county, city, and state. We are a fully-staffed and highly-regarded agency who can help you get through your addiction safely. Our methods are effective and are proven to work, as we regularly graduate clients who go on to lead a sober life. Please contact us today for more information or to find out how to get started with our programs.

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