At Hunter Behavioral Health Care, our top priority is ensuring the safety of our clients. We know that when you enter our substance abuse treatment center, you’re entrusting your wellbeing to us, and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. That’s why we place such an emphasis on privacy.

When you’re staying at our drug rehab center, it’s possible that you may want to ensure that your presence is kept confidential. For that reason, our staff has been well-trained on the art of privacy. We will never release any information about your or your situation to someone outside of our addiction recovery program. At Hunter Behavioral Health, we always maintain your privacy.

In addition to our staff providing privacy protections, clients are also expected to keep any information they gather about their fellow clients to themselves. We know that every client at our facility has their own issues to contend with, and in order to ensure each client receives the care they need, we ensure that our clients understand that discussing matters related to their peers in our addiction recovery program is strictly prohibited. As you’ll learn once you arrive at Hunter Behavioral Health Care, honesty is an essential part of the recovery process — but so is discretion.

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