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Living life constantly under the influence of drugs is a miserable experience. When scoring your next fix is your foremost priority, you stop caring about the things that really matter, like your friends, family, and career. You sacrifice everything that matters so that you can get high. If you are sick of living this way, it is time to seek help from drug rehab centers. At Hunter Behavioral Health Care, our Dallas, Texas addiction recovery center, we will provide you with the help you need to get sober.


Your Ideal Treatment Plan

Every person who walks through the doors of our addiction treatment center in Dallas, Texas is a unique individual. Our clients come to us with a wide variety of treatment needs, and we are prepared to handle all of them. From our wide range of recovery methods, we craft a unique addiction treatment plan that is perfectly designed to meet your treatment needs. As you make your way through the addiction recovery program, we monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to help you progress through rehab.


Detox Services

Many of our clients come to us feeling in pretty rough shape from abusing drugs. Inside our Dallas, Texas addiction recovery facility, we have a drug detox clinic that allows our clients to sober themselves safely. Our managed detox ensures that you can safely detox your body from the ravages of drug abuse. We watch you closely to make sure that you stay comfortable and safe as you make your way through withdrawal.

Safety and Care

When you come to our substance abuse treatment facility in Dallas, Texas, you will receive the highest level of care from our incredible staff. They work tirelessly to help our clients make it through the oftentimes grueling recovery process. They also do everything they can to create the safest possible environment. When you are at our drug rehab facility, you know that you will be monitored closely at all times to keep you safe. We can also make modifications to the recovery program if necessary to make you feel safer.


Group Therapy Excellence

The cornerstone of our addiction recovery program in Dallas, Texas is our group therapy. Inside your group therapy sessions, you will put in the hard work necessary to finally understand why you need to stop using drugs permanently. You will listen to others in your group bravely share their tales of addiction, and you will do the same. That is why we work so hard to ensure our clients feel safe. You must feel secure if you are going to find the courage to fully share the story of your addiction with the group.


Mental Health Therapy

At our Dallas, Texas addiction treatment facility, we provide dual diagnosis recovery treatment. This means that we do not just treat drug addiction, we also provide mental health treatment for those clients with co-occurring disorder. Half of our clients suffer from mental health conditions on top of their drug addictions. When people have mental health problems that are not treated, their recoveries from drugs rarely last. We provide the mental health treatment our clients need so they can achieve lasting addiction recovery.


Aftercare Assistance

It often feels overwhelming to make the transition from the safe, structured rehab environment back into the everyday world of freedom and temptation. When you leave our Dallas, Texas substance abuse treatment facility, you will not be cast to the wolves. Our aftercare programs ensure that you can stay sober as you integrate back into your daily routine. The aftercare program will give you the structure you need to ease the transition from rehab to home.


Drug addiction sometimes feels like an insurmountable challenge, but you can get sober with hard work and determination. With the help of our Dallas, Texas addiction treatment center, you’ll get the tools you need to get clean. If you are ready to stop using and start enjoying sober living, come to our addiction recovery facility today.

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